Hungary wants Hexit referendum as EU demands country to take Muslim ‘refugees’ or face fines of £255m

Hungry remembers her history the wars with Islam and the uprising in ’56 against Russia. Merkel behaves like a dictator. Hungry will help Christians NOT MUSLIMS

The Muslim Issue

‘How DARE Brussels tell us how many migrants can live in our country?’ Hungary ‘will vote no’ in Brexit-inspired referendum on EU demands to take 1,294 refugees… and pay £255million fine instead

  • Hungary to hold referendum on whether to reject EU refugee quota scheme
  • Anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor Orbán leading ‘keep them out’ campaign
  • Polls suggest 75 per cent of population will back him in the October 2 vote
  • EU asking nations to welcome numbers of refugees or face massive fines
  • Hungary would be fined more than 300 million Euros if it rejects the quota 

Voters in Hungary are on a collision course with the European Union as they look certain to reject a refugee quota scheme being imposed on them by Brussels bureaucrats.

A referendum is being held on October 2 and the result…

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