UK: Palestinian cocaine baron exploited human rights laws to avoid deportation

The Muslim Issue

Isn’t it time for Britain to reinstate the death penalty and utilize it on Muslim criminals?

Britain will get a new Prime Minister within days. The useless Theresa May who was so clueless as a Home Secretary she failed to grasp that Muslim Brotherhood was the mothership of all terrorist organizations. May is responsible for granting visa free travels to Arab savages in 2014. No wonder London is pushing towards a 50% Muslim population. France has already lost 40% of hotel bookings thanks to Muslim terrorism. How much will London lose in revenues with May at the helms? People are already writing and complaining to us in disgust by “Little Kabul” that is London where you see more burkas on the streets than in Afghanistan.

Theresa May was a total failure not only in deporting Muslim criminals and terrorists, but  in managing “rapefugee” negotiations, migration and EU demands. Not the…

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