Muslim took videoclip that lead to the shooting of 12 police officers in #Dallas

Jezus you mean you can be a criminal with a track record and not expect to be watched, please some one teach these idiots the law is the law and should be obeyed for the well being of the rest of society black white Oriental or otherwise.

The Muslim Issue

what to do police stop

“My friend”, my ass! Did this “friend” of his ever visit his house or even know what his name was? These types of manipulative exploitation of media to spread their propaganda is so typical with Muslims. There is no surprise to us at all that a Muslim was behind the videoclip of Alton Sterling, the black man confronted by police who ended being shot. And after he shot the footage Abdullah hid the camera. Probably calling CAIR right away to ask how to best utilize it.

This active engagement in propaganda is their way to pressure an end profiling of terror suspects. Islam should roam free to expand without any police intervention, without any profiling and without any legal rights to keep an eye on them. That’s the entire purpose behind their creation of #BlackLivesMatter. To blacks it’s simply a movement in their hatred and racism against whites. But to…

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