British National Archives Show Son Born To Obama Sr In 1961 In Kenya

British records rarely lie, my own daughter grand parents etc etc dating back to 1798 are recorded at Kew. Kenya was indeed part of the British Commonwealth in 1961. The Mow Mow wars finally won Kenya’s independence. Check historical facts.

The Muslim Issue

Obama’s grandmother stated when he was elected President that she was present when he was born in her house in Kenya. Later the entire family retracted these statements and refused to comment further on it. Although there is great reasons to acknowledge that Obama is born outside the United States, we do not believe he is the son of Kenyan Barack Obama Sr. Obama does not look at all like Barack Obama senior.
The pro-Islam President Barack Hussein Obama, who go this Harvard education funded and arranged by Arabs, is more likely the son of Frank Marshall Davis. Obama also has the identical facial bone structure to Frank Marshall Davis. A simple DNA test from Davis’s children would verify this.
But why would Obama’s mother Ann Dunham pretend Obama is the son of the Kenyan Barack Obama and not of Frank Marshal Davis? It’s fairly simple. Ann Dunham was married

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