Uganda: Muslims kill Christian woman for refusing to permit mosque building on her property

The Muslim Issue

uganda(Reuters/James Akena)A child displaced by fighting between the Congo army and rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) last week rests on a pile of belongings at Bukanga transit camp in Bundibugyo town, Uganda.

Lorraine Caballero
Christian Daily, 05 July, 2016 2:53 PM

Muslim villagers have reportedly killed a Christian woman in Uganda after she refused to allow them to construct a mosque on her property, and another group of Muslims killed a baby girl because her Christian mother ate during the Ramadan fasting period.

In March, 50-year-old Efranse Kadondo’s relatives had pressured her to donate part of her property for the construction of a mosque. However, the Christian woman refused to give them what they wanted, a local source told Morning Star News.

One of Kadondo’s Muslim relatives, Zainabu Kasubuza, came with some imams to convince her to donate part of her land for the planned mosque. A police officer…

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