Uganda: Muslim mother-in-law poisons baby to death for being fed during Ramadan

The Muslim Issue

Christian woman feed baby during ramadan - muslim mother in law poisions the babyA baby is found in a refuse dump right before the entrance of Gowon Estate at Ponle bus stop in Lagos in 2012. Stock image unrelated to the story.

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian woman in Uganda was feeding herself and her baby during Ramadan, and her Muslim mother-in-law poisoned her baby to death in order to punish her. As we read in one report:

A female infant in Luuka District in Uganda was poisoned to death by her Muslim in-laws after her Christian mother ate during the daytime fasting period of Ramadan, according to local sources.

In an interview with Morning Star News, 24-year-old Angel Nabirye said her mother-in-law Nubu Kiiza asked her on June 16 why she was eating food during Ramadan. The Christian mother explained that her baby was sick and needed to be breastfed. Although non-Muslims and sick young children are not required to fast during…

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