Obama administration back Saudi Arabian military intervention in Syria against Russia

Thank you Muslim issue for reporting the history of the Syrian war and just exactly who is behind it. No news to me it is Saudia, the same nation has been at it since 1973 and as usual denies the truth. Obama & Clinton have both been funded by Saudia and the US has been in bed with Saudia for so long one may as well refer to Saudia as the power behind the power. It is not surprising Merkely is importing so many Wahhabi Islamic fighting men in particular as Saudia has offered to fund 200 new mosques in Germany and barracks for 8000 fighting men? Mevedev is no fool. If Russia can keep the lid on Iran we might find Iran will capitulate.

The Muslim Issue

Saudi Arabia is the cause for the civil war in Syria. Here we see how the Saudis are willing to intervene by military force against anyone disrupting their desires Sunni occupation of Syria – using weapons which of course have been sold to them by nasty, toxic alliances with the West. Syria’s President Assad is a victim of terrorist infiltration. The constant meddling by the US and it’s bizarre support for Sunni leadership, responsible for over 90% of terrorism around the world, has helped to spread and facilitate Islamic terrorism.

The Syrian conflict was started when the Saudis began pushing foreign Sunni Salafist into Syria to create a false revolt for “democracy”. A pattern of demonstrations began to form through the country that ended in violent “Arab spring” uprising when local Sunni’s from within the country joined the foreign Sunni’s. The purpose was to create a wider Islamic state by…

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