Devout Muslims threatens attacks at airports in London, Los Angeles and New York on July 4 weekend

Two more days until the end of Ramadam, for sure these sick Muslims will go out with a bang. Islam is a danger to all the civilized world. We were fools to ever buy their Oil. More investment should have been in Nuclear fusion.

The Muslim Issue

Pro-ISIS twitter account threatens attacks at London Heathrow, Los Angeles and New York’s JFK airports on July 4 weekend

  • Account warned there would be a ‘device placed’ at one of the airports
  • Threat was revealed by respected counter-terror group SITE Intelligence
  • It comes three days after suicide bombers killed up to 50 in Istanbul
  • ISIS also claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack on cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • TSA already expecting chaos as record 43 million Americans travel   
  • Airports and train terminals on high alert for the holiday weekend  

A pro-ISIS twitter account has threatened attacks at London Heathrow, LAX and New York’s JFK airports over the July 4 holiday weekend.

The account said that attacks would be carried out on planes ‘flying from Heathrow [Airport] to the US’ and warned that ‘there will be a device placed…

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