Afghanistan: American liberals held hostage by Taliban has second child in captivity


The Muslim Issue

And what’s the name of the jihadi father? Surely they are not that stupid they produce children themselves while held hostage by Taliban?! They got themselves in a pickle by their own stupidity. What mental misfit would “tour the region” during a civil war? Let them sit there. And why should they ask to be freed? They’ve obviously gone there due to some form of solidarity with these Muslim savages, so they can remain there and devout themselves to Islam. Tax money should not be wasted negotiating on a people who are the fundamental reason fascism continue to exist and spread worldwide.



Parents of American held hostage by Taliban in Afghanistan for four years reveal she’s had a second child in captivity and plead with militants to let her go

  • Caitlan Coleman & Canadian husband Joshua Boyle are Taliban hostages
  • The couple were captured by militants while touring…

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