Spain: Moroccan jailed for the murder of elderly British couple

They are on the rampage every last one of them why do we rescue them?

The Muslim Issue

Southern Spain is covered in crimes and problems from Muslims who have illegally entered Spain from Morocco. We received reports a few years ago that Spanish women in South Spain face rape from these illegal Muslims, who even get killed in revenge attacks by the victim’s Spanish relatives. That’s how bad it has gotten.



Moroccan man, 63, who shot British Olympic diver and his wife in the head at their home in Spain is jailed for 31 years 

  • Driss Drizi was jailed after striking a deal with prosecutors in Alicante
  • He shot David Tarsey and his wife Jean at their home after a row last year
  • Was also ordered to pay 150,000 euros to each of their two sons
  • Mr Tarsey competed at the 1965 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia 

A Moroccan man who murdered former…

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