New York: Muslim Mother Dumps Newborn in Garbage Bag

The ides of March – doubt these idiotic insane people have even read Shakespeare. Ship them out.

The Muslim Issue

There would be a whole range of reasons for this. It could be the behavior from postpartum depression. It could be mental illness (muslims have one of the highest mental health statistics in the world). It could be hidden incest, rape or an illicit relationship and she tried to hide the pregnancy and then kill the infant. Not being sure of  privacy protection may have been the reason she did not go for an abortion.
Or the baby was killed for no other reason than for being a girl (Female infanticide). Who knows. But abandonment or killing of newborns for being girls or following incestuous relations is not uncommon in her homeland. Her features indicate either Indian or Pakistani background. Nevertheless, the callousness is no surprise.



Pictured: The Staten Island woman, 28, charged with murder after throwing her newborn baby girl in the trash

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