UK: Illegal Iranians caught in rubber dingy by French coastguards

WE DON’T need ISLAM in our enlightened societies, let them drown this is all they are good for.

The Muslim Issue

Six Iranian migrants are caught by French coastguard after British pleasure cruiser spots them trying to get to UK in 13ft rubber dinghy 

  • The group were intercepted fourteen miles west of Boulogne-sur-mer
  • British helicopter and lifeboat were both sent out to aid rescue effort
  • Comes after two British men pleaded guilty to assist unlawful immigration
  • Fears that Brexit vote will affect border checks for migrants at Calais

France’s coastguard have intercepted six Iranian migrants who were trying to make their way across the Channel to Britain on a rubber dinghy, maritime authorities said today.

The vessel was first spotted by a British pleasure boat fourteen miles off the French coastal town of Boulogne-sur-mer, ‘making its way towards the English coast,’ the French maritime authority said in a statement.

The French coastguard rushed to the scene yesterday while a British…

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