Sweden: Muslim screams Allahu-Akhbar and ‘declare things’ during attack on church in Malmo

According to the Swedish press Malmo is the happiest town in Sweden? Why doesn’t Sweden wake up and rebel against its government and force the government to deport these barbaric savages.

The Muslim Issue

Look at the headline. “Aggressive man”. No disclosure to the public that this was an act of jihad.



Sankt Pauli kyrka i MalmöSt. Pauli Church in Malmö.

Aggressive man smashed the Church in Malmö

FriaTider, 27 June 2016 at 11.33
By Mattias Albinsson ✉

A man broke in at the night of Monday into St. Pauli Church in Central Malmö and vandalized it, among other things by smashing window panes.

“It will be investigated as a hate crime,” said Jimmy Modin at Skane police to FriaTider.

It was at three o’clock the night of Monday that police received the alarm that someone broke into the Church originating from the 1800’s and was about to smash windows and doors. When police arrived on the scene the man went instead to attack against them.

– “He was trying to hit the patrol with a bat or stick of some kind,” says Scania Police spokesman Jimmy…

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