UK: Muslim gangster refuses to attend court for assaulting a prison guard due to ‘religious objections’

This is why Britain has exited the EU. In the largest Muslim dominated towns in Britain the remain vote exceeded the out vote in the recent referendum. Go to my blog later and get the facts.

The Muslim Issue

Muslim gangster who murdered an innocent nursery school teacher in gang crossfire refuses to attend court ‘for assaulting a prison guard’ due to ‘religious objections’

  • Yassin James was convicted of murdering Sabrina Moss on August 23, 2013
  • He shot dead the mother-of-one  as she celebrated her birthday in London 
  • James is accused of assaulting a prison officer in HMP Belmarsh last year
  • His lawyer said James cannot attend court as he cannot wash before prayer  

A Muslim gangster accused of assaulting a prison guard while serving a life sentence for murdering a nursery teacher refused to attend court today due to ‘religious objections’.

Yassin James, 21, was jailed for at least 37 years for shooting dead mother-of-one Sabrina Moss as she celebrated her 24th birthday in Kilburn, northwest London.

James and fellow hitman Hassan Hussain, 31, killed Miss…

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