Saudi Arabia arrests 50 men for wearing ‘un-Islamic’ clothing during Ramadan

This is the Wahhabi Islam credo, this is what will come to the rest of the world when Saudi takes over. Has anyone ever thought why Saudi funds Wahhabi mega mosques all around the world? Yet other religions of expats are not allowed to have any kind of religious meeting area. This is the nation people like Clinton and the EU back and take notice of. Have any of you copped on yet? This is been going on since ’73. And I know out there a few western women who have willing been mistresses of these vile Princes and their religion back in the ’70’s before this despotic royal family achieved the power they have today.

The Muslim Issue

Saudi Arabia arrests 50 men for wearing ‘un-Islamic’ clothing including ripped jeans and Crocs shoes as part of Ramadan crackdown

  • Authorities launched a Ramadan crackdown on western clothing 
  • Citizens warned against ‘habits and traditions against religious teachings’ 
  • Suspects were detained in the western Saudi city of Mecca 
  • Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most conservative countries
  • Women dress from head to toe in black and are not allowed to drive 

Fifty young men have been arrested in Saudi Arabia for haircuts, necklaces and cloths considered un-Islamic including Crocs shoes.

The suspects were detained during a Ramadan crackdown in the western Saudi city of Mecca, Islam’s holiest site, according to Saudi news website Sabq.

‘They were handed over to the department of criminal investigations,’ said Sabq, which accompanied investigators during their visits to shopping areas in the city.

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