ISIS Calls for Muslims in Germany to Carry-Out Major Terrorist Attacks Against Cologne-Bonn Airport and Office of the German Chancellery

Europe has lost it, unless we have war there will be no quick answer to the problem of Islam. Putin is right carpet bomb all Islamic nations and start with the most notorious power of all Saudi Arabia. Until the so called Saudi Royal family is done away with Wahhabi Islam will dominate the world. There are many intellectuals in Saudi pissed off with the backward looking royal family. Absolute power corrupts.

sharia unveiled

Office of the German Chancellery 1 - Angela Merkel

Pictured above: Office of the German Chancellery, Angela Merkel.

At least 2 Credible Threats Within Past 3 Days Directed at Cologne-Bonn Airport and Angela Merkel

by, Reuters

Islamic State posted pictures on the Internet calling on German Muslims to carry out Brussels-style attacks in Germany, singling out Chancellor Angela Merkel’s offices and the Cologne-Bonn airport as targets, the SITE intelligence group reported.

Western Europe is on high security alert after last week’s Islamic State suicide bombings in the Belgian capital that killed 32 people at its airport and in a metro station. On Wednesday, France said it was investigating a man on suspicion of planning an imminent act of “extreme violence”.

The Islamic State images and graphics, widely published by German media on Thursday, included slogans in German inciting Muslims to commit violence against the “enemy of Allah.”

Germany’s BKA federal police, who monitor suspected militants with German passports returning…

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