Muslim Immigrant Brutally Rapes a 3-Year-old Swedish Baby Girl: Sweden Migration Board Attempted to Conceal the Incident

And it has been suggested by some idiot in Sweden a school teacher receive a posthumous award? For what may I ask? It appears to me from the photograph in the Local Sweden the man is a Moslem? So what? Such ridiculous honor simply perpetuates the lack of respect for the law and Swedish people practiced by MOSLEMS. In academic psychological terms ‘reinforcement’ of learned bad behavior against the majority.

Where is the compassion for this child of three years old? What kind of impact you moron do you think this crime of rape will have on her for the rest of her life?

You deserve to be removed from office you despicable selfish parliamentarian. Do you really believe the Moslem scum you are importing to Sweden will work and pay taxes to cover your pensions? You don’t know the MOSLEM mind do you?

May G-d look upon you with grave misgivings for subjecting not only women but small children to the havoc and filth you have brought upon the people of Sweden and their children – you elitist ex trade union communist. Amen

Like all men of your ilk you want what you believed the honorable working classes and aristocracy always had. You forget in your small minded trade union mind genuine nobility and honorable peasantry was founded on the principles of ethical treatment of ones fellow man and charity to those vulnerable in society. You manifest none of these qualities. You are a disgrace to Sweden along with the rest of your selfish brats whose only desire is power over those they consider better than themselves!.

This hateful crime against a child has not even been aired on general press or news. How low will you sink? You are as bad as the scum you bring into Sweden. Were I this child’s mother I would have thugs maim you for life and this child is not the only victim of rape in Sweden today!

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